Dr John Van Ly


Dr John Ly is a highly experienced neurology consultant with a particular expertise in stroke. He has a strong academic background and has conducted extensive research in the field of neurology. Dr Ly completed a stroke Fellowship at the National Stroke Research Institute where he specialized in the areas of stroke, neuro-imaging, and cerebral amyloidosis. His research has been widely published and has attracted significant attention from academics and practitioners in his field.

Currently, Dr Ly is working as a neurology consultant at Monash Health, Monash Medical Centre, and Dandenong Hospital where he applies his extensive knowledge of neurology to help his patients. Dr Ly is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at the Southern Clinical School, Monash University, where he shares his knowledge and insights with the next generation of medical professionals.

Dr Ly holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne where he conducted research on “Stroke and Amyloid” using advanced brain imaging techniques, including PiB-PET. He has specific research interests and expertise in PET imaging, haemorrhagic stroke, and small vessel disease. Dr Ly is an accomplished academic and practitioner who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his work in the field of neurology.