Dr Sally Dinan


Dr Sally Dinan (Chiropractor) is a low-force Chiropractor with a very gentle and caring approach to patient care. Sally is dedicated to ongoing study having completed various after hours courses in low-force Chiropractic, dry needling therapy and cranial therapy.  This includes courses specific to gentle and safe treatments for children, the elderly or sensitive patients.

The main areas of clinical interest are osteoarthritis management, chronic pain management, shoulder, knee and hip pain, pregnancy related pelvic instability and birth preparation, TMJ disorders, headache, back ache, neck pain, sports injury rehabilitation, core strengthening and injury prevention.

Sally has a wealth of experience having worked in country Victoria in various maternity locum positions. During her time working in the country, Sally was asked to present a Musculoskeletal Medicine lecture series to 4th year Monash Medical students.

During her Master’s Degree, Sally was also actively involved community outreach programs in both St Kilda and Collingwood .

Sally also has a clinic in East Doncaster at the Eastern Specialist Centre